Attention Ladies!  The countdown is on!  The NY Trip is set for Saturday, June 22nd! 

The Evangelism Ministry is looking for additional Volunteers.  If this is you, please complete and return a Helps Ministry form today.  All here at Abundant Life are encouraged to be a part of this Ministry, to include our mighty ALCOD Men.

The following Ministries need additional Volunteers:  Transportation and Cameras for the Media Team.  If this is you, please complete and return a Helps Ministry form.


 Friday, June 25th (9 AM to 4 PM)

Super Tuesday Turn Up (Ages 7 – 11)

This will include Morning Movie Matinee, Cici’s Pizza and MP Bounce

$15 covers costs


Friday, June 28th

Paintball & Food (Ages 12 – 18)

$7 per person

Please note:  there is an additional cost for food


Friday, July 26th

FunLand (Fredericksburg VA)

Ages 7 and UP

Please reference www.funlandfredericksburg.com for pricing



Attention Parents:  Please note, the Youth Ministry will accept Children no later than 9:30 AM for the 9 AM Service and 11:45 AM for the 11:15 AM Service.  Exceptions may apply for First Time Visitors.  Thank you…

Attention ALCOD Members and Partners! You are now able to pay Tithes, give Offerings, sow Seeds and donate to ALCOD using your Debit and Credit cards while at church!  Please have your envelope completely filled out when you go to the Book Station, located in the Lobby. Pay Pal is an option if you are not in attendance.

You are welcome to stop by the Book Station, in the Lobby to purchase Today’s Message, CDs, Books and Worship Music.  All credit cards are accepted.  You may also purchase the message at the exit.

All announcements, as well as monthly calendar events are located on our church website at www.abundantlifecod.org

Are you looking for a Ministry where the Love of Christ is shown to everyone and you will grow spiritually? Connect and grow right here at Abundant Life! You are welcome to stop by and meet our Pastors after service or meet with Member Services in the lobby.

To purchase the Pastoral Messages on a CD for $5.00 each, please contact the Church Office at 804 526 1605. Credit cards are accepted